Being an Executor of an Estate

By |2017-12-06T11:37:08+11:00Monday, September 18, 2017|Wills, Retirement Planning & Deceased Estates|

What is an executor? If you have been named as executor in someone’s Will, it means the deceased wanted you to manage his or her estate, perhaps together with another person. There can be any number of executors named in a Will, though one or two is usually considered sufficient. What are an executor’s [...]

Information about buying a Business

By |2017-12-06T11:39:34+11:00Thursday, September 14, 2017|Business, Corporate & Commercial|

Introduction Purchasing a business is a large legal and financial commitment and it is important that you are properly advised in order to avoid the pitfalls. There are many considerations that you should take into account: Do you have the appropriate qualifications and/or experience to run the business? Are there any competitors or new [...]

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