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Superannuation and Federal Budget 2021-22

By |2022-03-15T11:02:29+11:00Wednesday, May 19, 2021|Business, Corporate & Commercial, Superannuation Law|

The Federal Budget 2021-22 delivered on 11 May 2021 included changes to superannuation. In particular, changes to superannuation will be of interest for retirees, or those close to retiring as well as employees who earn below the superannuation guarantee threshold. The major Federal Government announcements for super last week included a few key measures: [...]

NSW State Taxes – Update

By |2020-11-24T10:26:52+11:00Tuesday, November 24, 2020|Business, Corporate & Commercial, Property, Conveyancing & Leasing|

NSW Budget 2020-2021 The NSW Budget 2020-2021 released on 17 November 2020 announced changes to stamp duty and land tax which will fundamentally change the way that property owners pay tax to the NSW Government. If you’re a home owner, or a potential home owner in the future, this is an important change for [...]

Is it harder to get a home loan now?

By |2019-04-05T12:37:27+11:00Friday, April 5, 2019|BS&N Team, Building & Construction Law, Business, Corporate & Commercial, Property, Conveyancing & Leasing|

Anyone who has recently applied for a loan to buy a home may have noticed that it is no longer as easy to get finance as it used to be. Banks and other lending institutions have realised that in recent years they had been making it too easy to borrow money. As a result [...]

When Do I need to Hire a Compensation Lawyer?

By |2017-12-05T15:34:46+11:00Monday, November 20, 2017|Business, Corporate & Commercial, Litigation, Superannuation Law|

If you or someone you love is injured in an accident that was caused by someone else you can often be entitled to compensation to pay medical costs, recover loss of income and other expenses. A personal injury can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Dealing with the emotional, physical and financial [...]

Isn’t it cheaper to use a conveyancer?

By |2017-12-17T08:46:23+11:00Thursday, October 19, 2017|Business, Corporate & Commercial, Property, Conveyancing & Leasing|

Buying a property is a very important financial decision. It is important to ensure that the person who is advising you and handling your transaction, be it a real estate agent, conveyancer or solicitor is fully qualified and licensed. Your choice of agent and conveyancing service should be based on the cost of the [...]

Information about buying a Business

By |2017-12-06T11:39:34+11:00Thursday, September 14, 2017|Business, Corporate & Commercial|

Introduction Purchasing a business is a large legal and financial commitment and it is important that you are properly advised in order to avoid the pitfalls. There are many considerations that you should take into account: Do you have the appropriate qualifications and/or experience to run the business? Are there any competitors or new [...]

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