Are your Will, Power of Attorney, and Guardianship documents up-to-date?

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The friendly solicitors at Baldock Stacy Niven have a great deal of experience preparing Powers of Attorney, and Guardianship documents; documents which comprise a safety net for you in the event that you are incapacitated and need help from your family and loved ones. We all know that privacy concerns mean that it is [...]

Can I get a Section 10? Recent Changes to Drink-Driving Penalties

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Most of the people who come to Baldocks for advice about drink-driving charges are good people. They have jobs and families. They do not have criminal records and they have not been to court before.  They usually did not realise they were over the limit and thought they were okay to drive They always [...]

PEXA – The New World of Conveyancing

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Most of us buy and sell some real estate during our lifetime, and the legal process of transferring property when it is sold and purchased is called conveyancing. Conveyancing is an important legal process that should be done by professionals to ensure the new owner gets full legal title of their purchase, and is [...]