Isn’t it cheaper to use a conveyancer these days instead of a solicitor?

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Buying a property is a very important financial decision. It is important to ensure that the person who is advising you and handling your matter is a fully qualified solicitor. Sometimes "Cut Price Conveyancing" really means "Cut Price Service". At Baldock Stacy & Niven, we take pride in always striving to deliver exceptional service. We [...]

How much do you charge?

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Many areas of law are regulated or 'capped' by legislation, and sometimes some or all of your costs may be payable by another party. We can advise you as to the likelihood of this. For unregulated areas of law, solicitors will generally charge you an hourly rate for the work they do. The Law Society [...]

I have a legal issue I want resolved – where do I start?

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We are an approachable firm ready to discuss any legal issue you have. We welcome you to call us to have a free initial discussion (conditions apply) about your matter with a solicitor, who can advise you as to your options and any course of action available to you, including potential costs and timeframe involved.

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