The friendly solicitors at Baldock Stacy Niven have a great deal of experience preparing Powers of Attorney, and Guardianship documents; documents which comprise a safety net for you in the event that you are incapacitated and need help from your family and loved ones. We all know that privacy concerns mean that it is often difficult for people to be able to help you without the appropriate documentation and you should make sure that you have done the best you can to assist them just in case it is needed.

If the worst thing happened and you died, a properly drawn Will can make life much simpler for your family. We have vast experience in drawing Wills and can make them simple and effective.

If you ask us to prepare your Will, Power of Attorney and Guardianship documents at the same time, we will offer a reduced rate.

Although our office door is currently closed, Baldock Stacy & Niven is fully functional and our staff continue to work either from home or in the office. We continue to be available to consult with clients by telephone and email, as well as Skype, Zoom and many other convenient methods.

We are here to help you.

It is our strong recommendation that everyone ensures that their Will, Power of Attorney and Guardianship documents are up-to-date to ensure family members and friends have protection, certainty and clarity during these uncertain times.

Our solicitors and staff are available to help you to prepare, update, or finalise these documents in a way that suits you. We can arrange a telephone conference or a video meeting with you and/or your family members to help you out. This work can be done quickly and efficiently. After consultation, documents can be emailed or mailed for signing.

There is no need for anyone to come to our office to finalise or sign their Will.

Wills do not need to be witnessed by solicitors, they just need to be witnessed by two independent witnesses who are not named in the Will. We can, in a telephone conference, help to ensure your Wills are signed correctly and lead you through the process.

Powers of Attorney and Guardianship Documents do need to be witnessed by solicitors. We are able to see clients to witness these documents by appointment either in our office or at a location that suits you. We do so in a manner strictly following the social distancing guidelines for the safety of yourselves and our staff, ensuring that these essential documents can be completed for your peace of mind and the benefit of your family and carers.

Please contact our office to arrange a telephone conference to provide preliminary instructions if you need to get up-to-date with these documents. We are here to help and we are ready, willing, and available.

Get in Touch – we can help.

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The material in this information page is a general guide only and is not a replacement for legal or other advice. No person should act or not act solely on the basis of this information sheet. It is not legal advice and your possession of this information sheet does not create a client/lawyer relationship. If you would like to discuss your particular circumstances please contact Baldock Stacy & Niven.