If you or someone you love is injured in an accident that was caused by someone else you can often be entitled to compensation to pay medical costs, recover loss of income and other expenses.

A personal injury can have a devastating effect on a person’s life.

Dealing with the emotional, physical and financial effects is difficult enough. Without the right legal team an injured person could miss out on the financial compensation they are entitled to – financial compensation that will help aid recovery and reduce anxiety about the future.

Below are some common areas in which a compensation lawyer can help you.

Public Liability

Slips, trips, falls, cuts, abrasions, dog attacks, falling objects — injuries can occur anywhere at anytime.

We are all responsible for our own safety. Property and business owners are also responsible and have a duty of care to anyone who is legally allowed to be on their property.

If you, or someone you care for, are injured on someone’s property (be that a home or business) and that injury was caused by the owners negligence, you may be able to recover compensation.

Common causes of injury that could be the result of negligence are: wet and slippery surfaces, uneven surfaces and stairs, cluttered or poorly lit areas, incorrect stacking, or defective racking, poor fencing or gating, electrical hazards, sharp or protruding objects, lack of supervision, poor security – the list is almost endless.

Products can also be defective and cause injury or damage. Manufacturers also have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe to use and fit for purpose.

If you have been injured and suffered loss and you believe the cause was negligence, you need to contact an experienced solicitor – your choice of solicitor can significantly affect the outcome and the amount of compensation that can be recovered.

Insurance & Superannuation Claims

If you’re unable to work due to injury or illness you may be able to access benefits through insurance and your superannuation fund even if the injury or illness did not occur at work.

This can be a complicated process as there are many conditions and approvals required and many areas of interpretation with the potential of dispute or disagreement.

Experience, clear thinking and effective strategies are required to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to. You also need a solicitor who is experienced in dealing with large insurance and superannuation companies and have the know how to transact with them on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome.

If a disagreement or dispute occurs you need peace of mind that your solicitor will be your advocate and protect your rights and your benefits.

Medical Negligence

Sometimes medical treatment and care do not work out as planned. A mistake by a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional can leave you or someone you love with a serious life-affecting situation. The effect of a medical error, even if only for a short time, can be devastating physically, emotionally and financially for the person affected.

Proving that an error was made can be difficult – healthcare providers and their insurance companies will have strategies and a number of advantages in defending any claim. This area of law is also complex and technical so it is important to have an experienced solicitor who has a successful track record and has access to the best medical and legal support resources in NSW.

Road Accidents

If you have been involved or injured in a car or road accident you may be entitled to compensation.
Road accidents include: car accidents (driver or passenger, whether at fault or not), motorcycle accidents, accidents involving public transport, bicycles, pedestrians and truck and farm machinery accidents.

The NSW Accidents Compensation Scheme has changed compensation for some low severity injury types to a defined benefit – which can limit the the amount of compensation available to you.
If however you have a more severe injury resulting in a more than 10% impairment, you will have access to compensation under common law.
Under common law compensation you may be able to claim for medical expenses, lost income (now and in the future), any associated travel expenses and pain and suffering related to your injury. You may even be able to claim for domestic help around your home during the time you were injured.

If you have been involved in a road accident, it is certainly worth consulting an experienced solicitor to assess your circumstances and identify any compensation that may be available.

Workers Compensation

If you have been injured or fell ill at work you may be entitled to compensation. Compensation that covers loss of income (now and future), injury related medical and other expenses – expenses that can mount quickly.

The process for claiming workers compensation can be much more than just filling out forms – it is a complex area with many steps requiring detailed information.
Businesses want to keep their costs down and insurance companies want to minimise payouts so don’t be surprised if your claim is under-valued or even denied.

By working with an experienced compensation solicitor you can successfully navigate this complex process and positively settle your claim. Your solicitor should have access to the financial, medical and legal resources that can be necessary to achieve the compensation you are entitled to.

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