The Family Law Act is very clear about the rights of both parents in disputes about children.

The best interests of the children are paramount in any decision regarding their welfare. Ideally, responsible separating couples will work out and agree arrangements for their children – arrangements such as:

  • Where and with whom the children will live
  • What access will the other parent have to the children
  • What decisions need to be made around education, religion etc
  • What child support needs need to be addressed

Emotion can be a factor when addressing the needs of children in a separation and can make it difficult for parents to reach agreement.

From simple arrangements to more complex and combative disputes, Baldock Stacy & Niven Family Law can explain your options and assist you with making informed decisions about your child living arrangements and support issues. While the law is clear, there are many factors that can be taken into account — BS&N will work hard to identify your options and protect you and your children’s best interests.