Do you need an AVO to protect yourself?
Has someone taken out an AVO against you?

In both cases you need to understand your rights in clear no nonsense language.

If you feel that someone, anyone is violent towards you or a member of your family, or is harassing or intimidating you then you need to talk to Baldock Stacy & Niven to arrange legal protection so you can feel safe.

If you are the subject of an AVO and you don’t believe it is correct or you disagree with the conditions, BS&N can advise and help with developing and presenting your case.

Often AVO situations are the result of a deteriorating domestic situation. Emotions and feelings can sometimes cloud better judgement.

The team at BS&N understand this – we care for our clients and their well being – and give the right advice and guidance with you and your personal situation in mind. We are also tough when you need us to be.