Jim Prosser-Fenn
Jim Prosser-FennSolicitor/Consultant
Michael Niven
Michael NivenSolicitor/Partner
Sarah Ryan
Sarah RyanSolicitor/Partner
Justine Ringbauer
Justine RingbauerSenior Solicitor
Kim Markwort
Kim MarkwortConveyancing & Accredited PEXA Specialist, PA to Jim Prosser-Fenn
At BS&N 32 years
Cheryl Gersbach
Cheryl GersbachConveyancing & Accredited PEXA Specialist
At BS&N 32 years
Chelsea Colgan
Chelsea ColganPA to Michael Niven
At BS&N 9 years
Alec Wilson
Alec WilsonLegal Assistant
At BS&N 4 years
Karen Hannon
Karen HannonLegal Assistant
Jacob Cunningham
Jacob CunninghamLegal Assistant
At BS&N 1 year
Dianna Wilson
Dianna WilsonOffice Manager
At BS&N 20 years

Thanks to all involved at BSN for your patience, professionalism and assistance with my property sale and purchase.

Richard Kidd

Very helpful and effective. Thank you Justine.

Scott Perry

Thank you for all your support and assistance.

Kevin Condon

Michael worked very hard for me and helped me settle my claim for an amount well beyond my dreams.

Shirley Moon

Thank you for the way you treated me each time I entered the office.

Jean Condon

My position is made so much easier being able to work with you on such a wide range of issues.

Adam Dawson , Nature Conservation Trust

Michael gave me very clear advice and was able to settle a claim for me.

Karen Griffith

Thank you so very much for everything you have done.

Leanne Showell

Jim has been a solid and trustworthy source of professional help, to go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Nature Conservation Trust of NSW